Is there an option for integrating NewRelic with service now?

I am looking for something that will create a ticket in Service-now’s ITSM when, for example say a site is down or response time is too long while using Synthetics or APM.

Hi @munjal_kamdar

Yes there is, you need to use a web hook to call the Service Now REST api for the information you require.


Hi Stefan,

I’ve same requirement i.e. To Integrate with NewRelic with ServiceNow . I want to create a ticket in ServiceNow for any site down event.

Can you help with more info on this ?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @chetansondhi1409 - I have not implemented this web hook. Perhaps @munjal_kamdar can offer some tips?

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@stefan_garnham @chetansondhi1409 @munjal_kamdar has anyone tried this integration? Please let me know

@kkordnejad - I found this post in the ServiceNow community when tackling a related request. It outlines an easy way to set up a webhook channel in New Relic Alerts to integrate with ServiceNow.

Hope that helps!


this above link works to create event rule in serviceNow to configure and monitor the events and incidents coming from NewRelic to ServiceNow.

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Please case you share how you solved the case of ServiceNow does not understand “Closed” status for “$EVENT_STATE” and only “Closing” for automatic close the incident raised by New Relic.


can you please re-phrase your question

I believe he is referring to this issue:


yes, even if you close the incident in newrelic it will not update the alert or events in Servicenow, but i integrated newrelic to Servicenow with Pagerduty for sending out alerts to respective person or a group and i wrote a business rule so that when a respective person receives a alert from pagerduty by call, email or text if they acknowledge or reslove the issue it will be updated in servicenow aswell and the alert tickets will be closed and also you can track in servicenow what steps and who were reported when this alert was triggered in servicenow