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Is there any other way to integrate Lambda function not using CW Logs subscription?




Question on Lambda integrations.

Now I’m trying to set up serverless monitoring for Lambda.
To integrate it, using CW logs and the subscriptions seems to be required. However, my system already uses the subscription for the other purpose, and each subscription of CW logs allows to be set only one stream.

Therefore, I cannot integrate monitors for Lambda functions to trace data.
Does anyone know the other way to realize Lambda integrations/?

  • Runtime: Python 3.7

I’ve tried to configure along with below.

here is a doc for subscriptions of CW logs.


What a great question! If you would like to do this programmatically, it’s possible to plumb a second function downstream of our ingest, using an async success destination. The latest version of the ingest returns its invocation event, which lets you chain async invocations like that. Here’s the AWS documentation:


Thank you for replying. However, I mean that I’m looking for alternative way to set up AWS Lambda monitoring for my functions which I have to monitor, not your log-ingestion function.

The subscriptions of their CW log group are already full. So, it not able to create additional subscription for log-ingestion function, which ingest monitoring data to New Relic’s datastore.

Could you tell me the solution if you have?


Hello @shintaro,

You should also be able to use a ‘normal’ Python agent to get some performance data around your function using the solution found in the post below:

This will not require AWS filter subscription.

Let us know if that could work for you!


Thank you for sharing.

I’ve tried to set up normal python agent following it, and it worked well as Non-web transaction tracing.
However, it would be better for me to be able to trace Web transaction of the serverless computing as same as normal Lambda monitoring.


Another day, I’ve tried to get the tracing as Web transaction, not background task.
Then, I found that it can be realized by using “web_transaction()” instead of “background_task()”.

I can see the tracing data as Web transaction on APM.

Thank you.