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Issue: `end_time` attribute on new dashboard is not visible


We are reporting a Custom Events, which have an attribute end_time and we want to display it on an Insight Table widget by simple NRQL:
from <CustomEvent> SELECT end_time, <other attributes>.
Column end_time is shown on a standard dashboard correctly, but is not shown on a new dashboard (there is a link to it on the top with a text " Want a faster experience, more detailed charts, and a guided query builder? Try the new dashboards "

Is this a bug and when it could be fixed?

Like a workaround, column end_time could be visible on both dashboards by:
from <CustomEvent> SELECT end_time as 'END TIME', <other attributes>

Link to the chart
Picture (you could see that first end_time was replaced with timestamp)


Hey @val.ryzhuk, I’ve been able to reproduce this issue. We’re gonna open a support ticket for you to help us dig into this further.


Just closing the loop here: this ended up being a bug. :bug:

Huge thanks to @val.ryzhuk for working with @babbott in order to flesh out what should be happening vs what is actually happening. This is now being tracked in our internal system and hopefully we will see some movement on this issue in the future.

In the meantime, if you have any specifics you want to share about this case, feel free, @val.ryzhuk! :blush: Thanks again for working with us!