Issue logging into New Relic with new Google SAML SSO Setup

Hi, We had SAML SSO Setup through Rippling, and on Friday we disabled that, and I setup up SAML SSO through Google. It was setup, tested, and then the account owner enabled it today, but now he is not able to login and is getting a 403 error message.

Error: app_not_configured_for_user

Service is not configured for this user.

Request Details

  • idpid=C03ffj8r5
  • SAMLRequest=PHNhbWxwOkF1dGhuUmVxdWVzdCBB

I also get an error when trying to login from the New Relic site, but I went into our Google account to the SAML settings for NEW Relic and selected TEST SAML LOGIN and was able to login to our New Relic account from there.

I did notice that when I was able to login that the SAML login URL listed for our account in New Relic is slightly different than the SSO ACS URL in the New Relic SAML Settings in Google. I tried to change them to match, and retested, but that didn’t work, so I switched it back and was able to login again.

Please help! I am the only person able to login at the moment. I am an account Admin, but not the account Owner so I am not able to disable the SSO until we get it figured out.



Hi @stephanie4 & welcome to our Explorers Hub! Sorry to hear to you having difficulty with your SAML/SSO configuration!

This error message Error: app_not_configured_for_user is generally reported by Google authentication service when a specified user has not been configured to be included in the configured application permissions in the Google administration view.

You can find more information relating to this error in the below document:

SAML app error messages

You will need to contact Google support to assist with this error. However, if you wish to disable SSO, I can create a ticket for you and one of our support agents will be able to assist you with this. We will need Owner Approval in order to disable SSO. Please let me know how you would like to proceed.