Issue setting up Slack notifications for Proactive Detection


I’m trying to set up Slack notifications for Proactive Detection. There appears to be a bug in the flow where I can select which Slack channel to send notifications to.

Here are my steps:

  1. I create a new Proactive Detection configuration. I choose my account, services, signals, etc.
  2. I click the “Select Slack Channel” button and get redirected to a Slack page where I can select my target channel and click “Allow”.
  3. The Slack integration correctly gets added to my target Slack channel, which displays a “added an integration to this channel: New Relic” message to confirm it worked.
  4. The Slack permission page redirects me back to New Relic, which I assume is supposed to show the newly-created Proactive Detection configuration. Instead, I see an infinite loading spinner on a blank page. See attached screenshot.

The first 3 steps all seem normal. The problem really seems to be at step 4, where there’s apparently something wrong going on with the Slack callback to New Relic.

I tried using different browsers, disabling all browser extensions, but I still get the same issue.


@pascal3 - Are you still experiencing this issue? I believe this was due to a bug that has since been fixed. Please let us know if you are still running into this. Thanks!

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