Issue with multiple account login


My login username email recently seems to have been linked or created to a new account, so i now have multiple accounts.

unfortunately, in addition to this the account i want to use which has existed forever and is linked to many of my clients is not the default account. So now, everytime i login i’m stuck with looking at the wrong information and keep having huge troubles logging into this official account. Needing to logout, clear everything, use different browser, re-verify email every login, sometimes login many times to get it right etc…

I think a client of ours linked me as a user and somehow this triggered a new account to be created instead of linking to my pre existing email account that already existed. This seems to have happened around the time the new interface for new relic launched.

The login page keeps giving me a ‘verify email’ which i need to go through a process of and hope my browser doesn’t remember my last login every time i want to login to the main account. Very Annoying.

Please help me to fix this so i only have a single login for my email again, where everything should be linked to it as it always has been in the past.

It’s this thing every login


@ed256c19aaef587ddbcd Sounds like there are a couple of things going on here. Will reach out to our account team to help you troubleshoot. They will be in contact soon!