Issues with Pod Install related to EXCLUDED_ARCHS

When I run pod install I get the following error:
[!] Can't merge user_target_xcconfig for pod targets: ["Intercom", "NewRelicAgent"]. Singular build setting EXCLUDED_ARCHS[sdk=iphonesimulator*] has different values

How can I fix this error?

Suggestion: Both Intercom and NewRelicAgent are trying to add EXCLUDED_ARCHS to the user config. Most libraries I’ve seen only adds arm64 to EXCLUDED_ARCHS because Apple silicon but NewRelicAgent also adds arm64e as well.
Is arm64e needed? Removing it from NewRelicAgent podspec might solve the issue.

What I tried so far: I have followed the steps here but I still see the warning.

I think this was only an issue with Xcode 12 and agent 7.0.0, and should be fixed without the additional workaround in agent version 7.1.0 using Xcode 12.0.1.

Can you give that a shot and let me know if you are still seeing this error?

I get a similar error:
[!] Can’t merge user_target_xcconfig for pod targets: [“Mux-Stats-Core”, “NewRelicAgent”]. Singular build setting EXCLUDED_ARCHS[sdk=iphonesimulator*] has different values.

I get this error using NewRelicAgent 7.1.0. I do not get this error using NewRelicAgent 7.0.0. I got this error with NewRelicAgent 7.1.0. using both Xcode 12.0 and Xcode 12.1.

Thanks for the reply. I still see the issue with NewRelicAgent (7.1.0) and Xcode (12.1).

Would you recommend reverting back to 7.0.0 or is there a fix in the works that we could wait for?

@feras.alnatsheh & @trudloff

If agent 7.0.0 is working, then I’d recommend using it for now. I will follow up with our team on these issues and see what other advice they can provide, or if this will require a fix in an upcoming release.

To summarize: agent 7.1.0 with Xcode 12.0, 12.1, and excluding arm64 for simulators produces the error.

Can you also provide the version of cocoa pods you are using?

Do you have the same error with Xcode 12.0.1?

I’m using CocoaPod version 1.9.3. I get the same error with Xcode 12.0.1.

Thank you, I’m using CocoaPod version 1.10.0 and XCode 12.1.

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I spoke with our engineering team today, and shared this post with them. They’ve recommended trying to remove and re-install the agent pod to ensure that all of the agent components update/install properly.

Please let me know if errors persist, and I can reach back out to our team.

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Hi Team,
Even i can see this issue. Tried above steps and the warning exists Please let us know the status of the issue ?

Since raising this with our development team, improvements have been made to the latest agent version that will hopefully resolve this.

Do you still see this error when using agent version 7.2.0?

Yes i am using version. 7.2.0 with cocoapods version 1.10.0 and the issue still exists.

I would suggest rolling back to version 7.1.0 or 7.0.0 for now until @dmurray can follow up.

I am also still seeing the issue on 7.2.0. I did try to remove and reinstall the agent pod as suggested, but the issue is still there.

Hi @trudloff I would suggest the same, try reverting back to a previous version, I suggest 7.0.0 as you were having this issue with 7.1.0 in the first place. Hopefully @dmurray can follow up soon.

I’ll follow up with our team this week for any additional suggestions/investigations.

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I see this issue still exists in the latest release, 7.2.1. Any update if this might be resolved in an upcoming release?

I see that this issue is still open for investigation, but I will follow up with our team for additional updates and get back to you in this thread.


The NewRelicAgent podspec sets the EXCLUDED_ARCHS build setting not only in the framework target but also in the developer’s application target:

This causes a conflict when other podspecs also set this, resulting in Cocoapod errors such as:

In this case, you can see in the Mux-Stats-Google-IMA podspec that the same setting is set:

It looks like this issue should be resolved in the next agent release, 7.3.0. Our team is currently working to add support for the Apple silicon M1 chip.