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It's a Treasure Hunt! Share What You Find & Win Prizes!



Create a chart in basic mode & screenshot that + the advanced NRQL.


Find a service map that has multiple incoming and outgoing connections and take a screenshot of the services tab in the Dependency Table sorted by average HTTP response time.


Post to let Lei post 3 more


Show a search that pulls in data from multiple accounts.


Add compound conditions to Distributed Trace filtering.



Another post to let Lei post 3 more


Add a chart from the Entity Explorer to your favorite dashboard.


Display your services in order of current health.



Filter a dashboard to a shorter time range, by clicking and dragging on a chart widget.



Posting to help the Swag Bandit!


Show a dashboard in full screen and with dark mode enabled.


Screenshot the definition of your most used (default) attribute in the New Relic One UI.


View the query for a chart you already have in your dashboard.



One more post to get Lei done!


Set, and then find, a favorite entity, and favorite dashboard.


Complete the Navigating New Relic One section of the New Relic University course on New Relic One 9



Find the last 5 queries you have written.

And done!



It’s 7:59am where I am, meaning it’s 11:59pm PST - closing time for this Treasure Hunt.

I’m going to go ahead and close this topic, we’ll collect all the data on who submitted which clues, and we’ll come back to update this thread with our winners.

Thanks so much for taking part, everyone! The engagement on this thread has been amazing!
We’re so happy to see how many of you have enjoyed hunting for the bounty that lies within New Relic One.

-@RyanVeitch @Linds @hross @ebeach @rheft

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