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It's a Treasure Hunt! Share What You Find & Win Prizes!



Many thanks and congratulations to the more than 60 Explorers who lived up to the title and found so much New Relic One treasure. We’ve been through your responses and checked them twice. And by we, I mean the amazing @RyanVeitch who painstakingly combed through this topic. Let us know if we missed a correct answer from you!

Here are our winners:

Treasure Hunter Badges (Solved 5+ clues)

@ahohenner1 @al.smith @Anup_Patil @atittle @bimali.rathnayake @Bishnu.UBA @chakshita.shetty @Chimbu.chinnadurai @claudson.oliveira1 @damodarbashyal @dbethke @dimani.senanayake @dmonteverde @Donna.craft @Farajoddin.Mohammed @FSilva @fvannasaeng @Geeth.madhusha @harsh.sorathiya @herrmannc @ian.snook @imesh.guruge @iresha.kodikara @jacq.train @James.ashworth1 @jason.leong @Jason.oliva @Jfry @joshua.wraight @lei2 @Max_shut @mckennab @mihai.iorga @Mkhanna @mwinnick @n.curde @pampa80 @pranaykumar.bommana @pullaraon @Ryan.Means @santosh.raju @sec-jramirezgaa @skariah.sibu @steven6 @Sudhir_muramalla @sugam.agarwal @zackm

Swag Packs (Solved 10+)

@al.smith @Anup_Patil @atittle @bimali.rathnayake @Bishnu.UBA @chakshita.shetty @claudson.oliveira1 @damodarbashyal @dbethke @dimani.senanayake @dmonteverde @Farajoddin.Mohammed @fvannasaeng @Geeth.madhusha @harsh.sorathiya @herrmannc @ian.snook @imesh.guruge @James.ashworth1 @jason.leong @Jason.oliva @Jfry @joshua.wraight @lei2 @Max_shut @mckennab @mihai.iorga @mwinnick @n.curde @pampa80 @Ryan.Means @santosh.raju @Sudhir_muramalla @sugam.agarwal @zackm @pranaykumar.bommana

Grand Prize Eligible (Solved 15+)

@al.smith @Anup_Patil @atittle @Bishnu.UBA @chakshita.shetty @damodarbashyal @dbethke @dimani.senanayake @dmonteverde @Farajoddin.Mohammed @fvannasaeng @harsh.sorathiya @herrmannc @imesh.guruge @James.ashworth1 @jason.leong @Jason.oliva @Jfry @joshua.wraight @lei2 @Max_shut @mckennab @mihai.iorga @mwinnick @n.curde @pampa80 @Ryan.Means @Sudhir_muramalla @sugam.agarwal @zackm @pranaykumar.bommana

Congratulations to all of you! Be on the lookout for an email to grab your swag packs and our announcement of the grand prize winner next week.


Nice work @lei2 - way to get this done under the wire. We hope your father’s shirts are safe now.


What an exciting contest this turned out to be. Thank you all for participating: we hope you learned something about New Relic One, AND we hope you enjoy the treasure that is coming your way!

It’s time to announce the

Grand Prize Winner…

@Ryan.Means :tada: :tada: :tada:

Ryan is the lucky winner of the Apple AirPods and we could not be more thrilled! We hope you enjoy them and think of New Relic when you use them. :blush:

Everyone else who qualified for treasure is on these lists linked here. If you don’t see your name and think you should, definitely reach out to us!

Please also be sure to check your email, we need your shipping address in order to get your much deserved swag to you.

Thanks again for your support and participation—you all made this a very fun contest for us! You are all very dedicated Explorers! :rocket:

Stay tuned for arrrrr next contest!