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I've passed the test, now what?



Hi guys, I’ve passed the test about 12 hours ago I want to know how many days/weeks it takes to send me the certification? And another question is why the certification test is for 2017?



Hi, @azbshiri: We issue certificates manually, typically once per business day. If you have recently passed the exam within 3 attempts, you should receive your certificate within a day or two.

The exam was written in 2017, and has not required an update since then. We expect to update the exam later this year.


Hm, I passed the exam on Jan 16th, but did not receive anything. I made screenshot, which I attach:

Well, I tried to attach/upload, but receive this error message:

PG::UndefinedTable: ERROR: relation “user_uploads” does not exist

But I can provide the screenshot on another channel.

Kind regards


Hi, @wkiNewRelic: Your certificate was issued several days ago. I will send you a private message.


Hi Phil, worked perfectly now. Thank you very much for the quick response.

Kind regards