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January & February Coffee Chats: NRU Certification



NRU Certification Coffee Chat :coffee:

Time to host another #coffee-chat in slack! This coming month, we will be chatting about our new New Relic University (NRU) Certifications. This month our Coffee Chat will feature a number of our NRU Technical Trainers from across the globe. And because we have trainers around the globe, we’ll be running coffee chats to suit US, EMEA, and APAC timezones.

Come by ask any and all questions about getting certified.

What can you expect from a Coffee Chat ? It’s an entire hour dedicated to learning from New Relic experts! We move a conversation topic to slack and you can pepper our willing expert with questions in real time. We then take that conversation and publish it here, in the community! (Check out this one on the previous NRU Certification)

Coffee Chats are a great opportunity to learn something new, share knowledge with each other in a casual setting, and share a virtual cup of coffee or tea with other New Relic Explorers.

Coffee Chat Dates:

Note that I’ll list times in the local timezone, but link to an event that will clarify this for your timezone.

US Timezones:

APAC Timezones:

EMEA Timezones:

How to join the Coffee Chat Slack Channel

To get invited to our New Relic Users Slack workspace follow the instructions below:

  1. Head over to the sign up page:
  2. Enter in your email address. Pretty soon you’ll receive an invite in your email inbox from Slack to join the New Relic Users workspace.
  3. Once you’re in the correct workspace, either through your browser or the Slack app you can navigate to the #coffee-chat channel . You’re welcome to also come to #introduce-yourselfto tell us a bit about you, and what your New Relic specialty subjects are . At the time the Coffee Chat is due to begin, come on into the #coffee-chat channel to ask your questions.

Note that this workspace isn’t always monitored outside of scheduled Coffee Chats. If you do have questions outside of the timeframe of the scheduled coffee chats, please post that question on the Explorers Hub.

We’ll see you starting on the 15th January in Slack :smiley:

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