Java Agent 3.17.0 Release Notes

Released on: 2015, June 11 - 13:19 - Download


  • Websphere Liberty Profile

The Java Agent now provides instrumentation for WebSphere LibertyProfile. This includes web transaction visibility, Cross Application Tracing, and app server stats.

  • Performance improvements

The Java Agent now starts more quickly so applications are available sooner. This release also reduces agent overhead at run time.

  • Customize hostname displayed in APM

A new configuration setting has been added: process_host.display_name. When set in the newrelic.yml configuration file, the display name will be used in the APM UI, in place of the hostname that the agent automatically captures.

process_host: display_name: hostname

In addition, the display name can be set using the NEW_RELIC_PROCESS_HOST_DISPLAY_NAME environment variable. This property can be viewed in all Insights transaction events.

  • Custom instrumentation of transaction attributes is disabled by default

Custom attributes defined using the Instrumentation tab in the UI are now disabled by default. In order to enable these attributes, you must have High Security mode disabled and you must place the following text in the common: block of your newrelic.yml:

reinstrument: attributes_enabled: true 


  • Very large thread profiles were failing to report to RPM, causing the site to display a time out message. The agent will now truncate the size of the profile before sending. * Cross application tracing date was failing to report when using Jersey 2 endpoints. * The Spring AOP instrumentation is now disabled by default. It was exercising a bug in certain versions of Java 8 that caused the JVM to crash. To re-enable, include the following in your newrelic.yml:

    com.newrelic.instrumentation.spring-aop-2: enabled: true

  • RabbitMQ metrics could double-report for some versions of RabbitMQ. This was introduced in Java Agent 3.16.1 and is fixed in this version. * In rare cases the agent would report a LinkageError.