Java Agent 3.8.1 Release Notes

Java Agent 3.8.1 fixes 3 bugs:

  • Fix: EJB application transaction metrics reporting correctly for WebLogic
  • Fix: App Map incomplete

Details below:

  • Fix: EJB application transaction metrics reporting correctly for WebLogic

    In version 3.8.0 of the agent, EJB application transaction metrics for
    WebLogic were reporting the data as the average value per a bean
    instead of the total value per an application. This has been fixed and
    the data can now be found under the JVM tab.

  • Fix: App Map incomplete

    If a web request made an external call to another app, the app making the web
    request did not appear in the App Map. Moreover, subsequent external calls to
    other apps did not appear in the App Map either

we are going to upgrade our Java Agent to this new release in our production environment.
Do we have to follow the installation procedure?
I cannot find any specific topic on this.

Basic Java Agent Upgrade Instructions

The rough outline of the upgrade process would be something like this:

  1. Download the new version of the Java agent to your server or VM.
  2. Extract the contents of the archive.
  3. Copy the new newrelic.jar and newrelic-api.jar files to the directory which holds current versions of those files. Overwriting the existing files is okay.
  1. Once the new jars are in place, restart your JVM and the new version of the agent will be used.

Other things to consider:

Sometimes new settings are added to the Java agent’s configuration file, newrelic.yml. You might want to compare your copy with the new copy in the archive to see if new stanzas have been added. If so, you would probably want to add these to your copy of the config file.

If you are using JRocket or Java 5 you must use the 2.21.* versions of the Java agent. The 3.* versions do not work with JRocket or Java 5.

Last but not least, you might also want to test the new version of the agent in a testing/staging environment before upgrading your production environment.

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