Java agent configuration in k8s

I am using newrelic java agent in my k8s system. So, the entire application is spanned across multiple services/pods. I would like to see the service map of micro-services in NewRelic APM.
Can someone please suggest how to set up the configuration?
When I set the same name for ‘application’ fields in yaml, all are coming under one application, and I am not able to see the map.

Hello, @vamsikrishna.m: You should use a different app name for each micro-service. You might consider enabling distributed tracing.

If you do not use distributed tracing, you may use this document to troubleshoot why service maps may not be working:

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Thanks @philweber for your reply. I will configure different name for each service.
Can you help me with more details about the distributed tracing? Will it be charged extra over the APM and infrastructure monitoring?
We are using Istio service mesh, so istio-proxy will be present as sidecar container in every pod. Can we capture the data passing through istio-proxy using distributed tracing?
I have deployed istio-adapter in my environment already. I am integrating the java agent for APM. Do I need to configure another java agent for distributed tracing?

No, there is no additional charge to use distributed tracing, and you do not have to install any additional agents. This document lists the requirements and procedure to enable distributed tracing:

I have not worked with Istio, but it looks like it does not support the necessary headers for distributed tracing. More information here:

So, you mean we need to follow the approach in to have the distributed tracing with istio?

Yes, that is my understanding.

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