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Java agent installation on Weblogic/Oracle application


We have an use case that the application server hangs and would like to use New Relic to get some insight. The application is JD Edwards, we are using weblogic and oracle. Tried to install the java agent. but got this error message:

  • Could not edit start script because:
    Could not locate a Tomcat, Jetty, JBoss, JBoss7 or Glassfish instance in /u02/oracle/Middleware/Oracle_Home/user_projects/domains/base_domain/servers

We are not using the products said. What should I do to move forward?
Please help


Hi, @sue_bell: You may find this document helpful:


Hi @sue_bell,

Just want to chime in here that from that script message, it sounds like you might be using our Java Agent auto installer. The auto installer can sometimes behave a little funky in certain environments, so I suggest trying our manual installation process instead - it’s very similar, but does involve passing in the JVM argument manually to the Weblogic server, as @philweber pointed out above. The manual process can be found here:

In addition, if you’re using Java 2 Security with Weblogic, keep in mind that you might need some additional configuration as outlined here:

If you run into trouble or have any questions at any point in this process, please reach out and let us know at which step you ran into trouble, we’re happy to help!