Java agent not showing the data

Hello i have installed the java agent in my VM and want to monitor java application but not showing any data except non-web transaction data.
So how can i monitor my application and errors to be solved?

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Hey @bhagyesh.raut if you’re not seeing the transaction you want I would highly suggest looking into custom instrumentation to expand the visibility of the java agent.

For a web application[Springboot] that is implementing REST API, do we still need custom instrumentation? @avialpando

Custom instrumentation allows you to track interactions that aren’t captured by New Relic’s automatic instrumentation. New Relic’s Java agent includes built-in instrumentation of the most popular parts of the Java ecosystem, including app servers, frameworks, databases, and message queuing systems. For frameworks and libraries that are not instrumented out of the box, you can extend the agent with Java custom instrumentation.
You may refer to our docs Compatibility and requirements for the Java agent for the list of technologies we support.

If you would like to know ,what is meant when we list a technology as supported, You may find additional information here:

Relic Solution: “Supported” Technologies and Instrumentation

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