[Java] Disable Metrics from`opentelemetry-exporters-newrelic-auto`

Hi! I’m planning to use opentelemetry-javaagent-all with opentelemetry-exporters-newrelic-auto and was wondering if Metrics recording will be automatically enabled? If so, how can I disable it or how can I get only Tracing pushing data to Newrelic?
Thanks in advance

Hey @mateux, there have been some updates to the README.MD on the repo (link) which explain how to skip metric collection when using programmatic instrumentation.

For auto-instrumentation, I don’t see a way to disable metric forwarding (or span forwarding) in the current iteration of the exporter. This sounds like a great enhancement request, so I’d encourage you to raise an Issue on the Github repo for this.

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Hi @mateux ! Apologies for the very late response. @nlidbury is correct and currently, there is no convenient api to disable metrics or spans. It is a great idea and I do encourage you to raise the issue on the repo.

In the meantime, I also wanted to point you to our new opentelemetry-javaagent + New Relic exporter bundle. It simplifies installation and will be better in having an exporter that is compatible with the javaagent as it develops and changes.


Again, sorry for the late response and I hope you do raise that issue for the exporter!

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