[Java] Dropwizard: all endpoints under JerseyServletContainer

We have a Java application that uses dropwizard, but all HTTP requests show as JerseyServletContainer on NewRelic:

Is there a way to make them be split by path or something?

PS: I think this used to work at some point, but since we get latest on every build at some point it stopped working (a couple of months ago, just tried to figure it out now though).

We’re using OpenJDK 11.latest with the latest agent as well (6.4.0 I think, from this url: http://download.newrelic.com/newrelic/java-agent/newrelic-agent/current/newrelic-java.zip ).


Hello @ops90,
Thanks for reaching out. I would further investigate the issue. Can you share the permalink to the application in question?

To create a permalink within the New Relic user interface, you can use the ‘Copy a short permalink’ button in the top right corner of the UI under your user profile or share the full URL from any page.

Hey, sure thing:

  • one . nr / 04ERPOGqvwW (web app, wont show transactions)
  • one . nr / 0oqQa0bP6j1 (“worker”, won’t show most background tasks, even if annotated)

(It doesn’t allow me to post links here for some reason…)

Hey @ops90,

What is the version of HttpAsyncClient you are using?

For MDM Worker:
You may be able to view the background task by switching to the Non-web transactions from the UI.
Screenshot 2021-02-23 at 15.36.34

If it is something other than this, please let me know.

httpasync is 4.1.2

Yes, but only a 2 of the jobs are shown on the worker and we have 8…