[Java] ElasticSearch 7.7.1 data is not visible in New Relic 5.13

Hello Team,

We have upgraded the Elastic Search from 5.6 to 6.8 and 6.8 to 7.7.1. During upgrade we have seen that, ES version 5.x and 6.x data is visible in newrelic but after upgrading ES to version 7.x, data is not visible in newrelic. Can you please check why only ES 7.x version data is not pushed to newrelic.

ElasticSearch Version : 7.71
JDK : OpenJdk 11
Newrelic Version : 5.13

Munir Sayyad.

Hi there @MSayyad -

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I want to make sure that we understand you correctly so that we can get you the right help. It sounds like you are using our ElasticSearch integration, and you are not seeing any data.

You mentioned the Java agent, but we do not have any ElasticSearch integrations for APM, only for our Infrastructure capability. So, that is where you would expect to see data from the Integration.

Have you looked in your Infrastructure dashboard to check for data there? And if I am getting any of this wrong, could you please send some links or screenshots to help us better understand what you are not seeing that you expect to see?

Thanks very much!

We are looking for APM data. Kindly find the attached screenshot for reference.

ES Version : 7.x - data is not visible. Blank Page

ES Version : 6.x - Data is visible.

Munir Sayyad.

Hi again @MSayyad -

Thank you so much for the screen shots - that definitely helped clear things up.

So - I think that what we have here is a case of blind luck, We don’t support ElasticSearch out of the box (we did not build for it or test against it), so if it WAS working, that was lucky. Apparently something changed in v7 and it no longer works.

That said, just because it is not supported does not mean you definitely can’t track your ES metrics. I would recommend to you that you look to custom instrumentation to see if you can get the data you need. If you are not familiar with custom instrumentation, you can find more details in our documentation:


Hopefully that clears things up for you, but please let me know if it does not.


Thank you for the info. Will check and get back to you if more info needed.

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Thanks @MSayyad and good luck!