[Java] Hi, Question about SpanEventsServiceImpl WARN

I found this message

Apr 6 18:23:48 crmwas02-dc1 crm.jar[6051]: 2021-04-06T18:23:48,967+0900 [6074 334] com.newrelic.agent.service.analytics.SpanEventsServiceImpl WARN: Dropped 4,915 span events out of 5,915.

Will it have a bad effect on server performance?

Hi @dev153

The message regarding dropped spans is normal.
The agent collects only 1000 spans per minute per agent which explains the warning messages you are seeing. This limit is not currently configurable.

The number of dropped span events is the different between 1000 and the number of possible spans the agent has traced.

We document this in the following:

It should not affect server performance.