[Java] Inconsistent state tracer New Relic agent 7.7.0

We observed this error in our logs:
com.newrelic ERROR: Inconsistent state! tracer != last tracer for com.newrelic.agent.TransactionActivity@0 (com.newrelic.agent.tracers.DefaultTracer@34f88b6a != com.newrelic.agent.tracers.NoOpTracer@8b1fef8)\
Would you have any suggestion what may cause this?

We are using

Hello @Lukasz.Zolkiewski ,

Thank you so much for reaching out to the community for support.

I have gone through the details you have shared. We have seen this before in a bug that we fixed related to our scala instrumentation. Can you let me know if there’s any scala code in use here?

Hi @adahale
I’m almost certain that we do not use scala in our project

Hello @Lukasz.Zolkiewski,

Thank you for updating us on that. The team is still reviewing this and will provide an update shortly. We really appreciate your patience as we provide support. Please let us know if you have further questions or anything changes on your end regarding this issue.

I hope you have a great day!

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@Lukasz.Zolkiewski do these error message continue indefinitely for you? Or do they come in batches occasionally but stop?

Are you experiencing any erroneous agent behavior?

@kevynford Here is an image with 30 days of this error. I would say that they come in batches occasionally and they are constantly appearing in our logs.

As for the agent I believe we haven’t observed any erroneous behavior.

Hey there @Lukasz.Zolkiewski ,

Thanks for reaching out to the New Relic Community! I think I might be able to shed some light on your situation through the docs I’ve included below. There’s a chance that the inconsistent tracer error could be triggered by strange async java behavior.

Introduction to Java async instrumentation

I hope this info helps!