[Java] Kafka Version Support


I’m wondering about the lowest version of Kafka supported by the Java/Kafka agent. We’re currently trying it on an environment that’s running 0.10.0 which should be supported. However, I’m not seeing any of the metrics that are described here: Java agent: Instrument Kafka message queues | New Relic Documentation

If I go to metrics explorer and filter by ‘kafka’ as a keyword, there are some metrics that seem to come up (e.g. Threads/Time/CPU/kafka-network-thread-#-PLAINTEXT-#/UserTime) but definitely not the ones described in the documentation above for the message queues. We have the agent installed on zookeeper and the brokers.


Hi there @jtransfiguracion -

So sorry for losing track of this issue. I did want to share that is supported from some metric and event data, but you’ll need version for more advanced metrics. There’s a little about this in our Java requirements documentation:


I hope that gets you pointed on the right path.