[Java] Metrics for external services not being collected

We have been noticing that with the Infrastructure Agent version 1.16.2, we are not gathering any information for the External Services.
This is also happening on setups that have the versions 1.16.1, 1.15.2 and 1.15.1 of the agent.
Can you help us in figuring out why this is happening?

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Hi, @nicolasp: New Relic Infrastructure collects metrics about your hosts and other infrastructure services: Which processes are running, how much CPU and memory they use, metrics from AWS and other cloud services, etc. What external services metrics do you expect to see?

I expect that you need to deploy an APM agent in your applications that call these external services in order to collect their performance metrics.

Hi @philweber,
We have the APM agent configured for our Java application. However, after migration to one.newrelic we are not getting any data for the information for the External services.
For every other monitoring parameter, we have the information available.

We would like to gather the External services details such as which external apis or services including the time taken.
Is there any specific modification required to gather the information regarding External services?

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@philweber As my colleague @avikb explained, we are facing issues since the migration to one.newrelic.
The information that we need from the External Services details is basically transaction time between our customer datasources and our internal logic.

To clarify, it sounds like your question is not about the Infrastructure agent, but rather how to see information about external services from the Java APM agent, is that correct?

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You might consider enabling distributed tracing. If you decide not to do that, you can time external calls yourself, and send the data to New Relic as custom events.

Thanks @philweber
We will check out the suggested settings.