[Java] New Relic real-time profiling for java AWS ECS container

We are currently running newRelic java agent in a container running on AWS ECS.

I am trying add the real time profiler. But not sure how to?

This is how we start the application in the container
java -javaagent:$BASE_PATH/newrelic/newrelic.jar -jar $BASE_PATH/application.war

I checked https://docs.newrelic.com/docs/agents/java-agent/features/real-time-profiling-java-using-jfr-metrics

How do i run the profiler jar in AWS ECS?

Hi ixb,

Good question! JFR is new for us as well so we need a bit more time to research. To start, can you reply with a permalink to the application? You can create a permalink by clicking the ‘permalink’ button found in the top right corner of the application page.