[Java] Spring Boot Kafka stream Distributed Tracing

I am using java 11 with spring boot version 2.1.0.RELEASE
i am using newrelic-api version 6.0.0
I have integrated with kafka using spring-streams, and i need to monitor this stream transactions on new relic
i have defined the kstream bean like

    @Trace(metricName = "SmppIntegrationEventStream", dispatcher = true)
    public KStream<String, NotificationEvent> smppIntegrationEventStream(final StreamsBuilder eventStreamBuilder) {

        final var eventConsumed = Consumed.with(Serdes.String(), new JsonSerde<>(SmppIntegrationEvent.class, objectMapper));
        final var eventStream = eventStreamBuilder.stream(smppIntegrationConfiguration.getStreamTopics(), eventConsumed)
        final var notificationEventProduced = Produced.with(Serdes.String(), new JsonSerde<>(NotificationEvent.class, objectMapper));
        final var apiNotificationEventStream = eventStream.filter((key, event) -> event.getChannels().stream()
                .anyMatch(notificationChannelData -> notificationChannelData.getChannel().equals("API")))
                .branch(corruptNotificationEventPredicate, priorityEventPredicate(), normalEventPredicate());

        apiNotificationEventStream[0].to(TOPIC_NOTIFICATION_DLQ_EVENTS, notificationEventProduced);
        apiNotificationEventStream[1].to(TOPIC_NOTIFICATION_API_PRIORITY_EVENTS, notificationEventProduced);
        apiNotificationEventStream[2].to(TOPIC_NOTIFICATION_API_EVENTS, notificationEventProduced);

        return eventStream;

but i got 1 transaction when the application is started any solution how can i get the stream transactions on newrelic

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Hey there @ahmed.osman -

Based on what you are saying, it sounds like there may a configuration element that needs to be updated. If you haven’t yet, please start by working through our installation troubleshooting framework, and let us know what you find:

I’m having the same problem. Did anyone solve this problem?

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Hello @kadir.alan -

I did not hear from this customer again on this. Did you try looking at the troubleshooting framework I suggested? And can you provide more details specific to your case? We’re happy to work on this with you!