[Java] Tags added though newrelic.yml does not reflect the tags on UI correctly

We use a java agent to instrument out java application on New Relic

Now when I add a label in newrelic.yml like this

here I am adding a tag test-tag-123:abcd

this tag is now precent in the API in UI



Now if i were to update this tag
to test-tag-123:123

it creates another tag with same key but different value , but the old one still remains


Now if I very to remove this tag fro newrelic.yml

it does not get removed from UI

How do I solve this issue ?

I have see that, if I do these changes from the New Relic UI it will reflect immediately. However we need to work with newrelic.yml

Hello @nevin.sunny ,

Did you try restarting the server after removing these values from newrelic.yml ?

@adahale yes I have done restarting the service . but that does not help

@nevin.sunny ,

I was able to reproduce the above behavior!

I am have reached out to our engineers to discuss the same.