[Java] Tomcat browser auto-intrumentation not working

Hello all,

I am trying to enable Browser monitoring via APM on a Tomcat JSP application but is not working. I am unable to add this manually as this is not something by the development team for now.

Steps I hae done:

  • Installed latest Java agent to the Tomcat JVM (APM works fine).
  • Enabled auto-instruentation with SPA.
  • Application appears on browser but with zero traffic.

Logs show the following:

2021-07-26T16:45:46,758+0000 [4088 1] com.newrelic INFO: Writing to New Relic log file: c:\XXXXXXX\newrelic\newrelic_agent.log
2021-07-26T16:45:46,758+0000 [4088 1] com.newrelic INFO: JRE vendor Oracle Corporation version 1.8.0_181
2021-07-26T16:45:46,758+0000 [4088 1] com.newrelic INFO: JVM vendor Oracle Corporation Java HotSpot™ 64-Bit Server VM version 25.181-b13
2021-07-26T16:45:46,758+0000 [4088 1] com.newrelic INFO: OS Windows Server 2016 version 10.0 arch amd64
2021-07-26T16:45:46,758+0000 [4088 1] com.newrelic INFO: Agent Host: XXXXXXXXXXXX IP: XXXXXXXXXX
2021-07-26T16:45:46,758+0000 [4088 1] com.newrelic INFO: New Relic Agent v7.1.0 is initializing…
2021-07-26T16:45:47,788+0000 [4088 9] com.newrelic INFO: Instrumentation com.newrelic.instrumentation.jdbc-resultset is disabled. Skipping.
2021-07-26T16:45:51,584+0000 [4088 1] com.newrelic.agent.RPMServiceManagerImpl INFO: Configured to connect to New Relic at collector.eu01.nr-data.net:443
2021-07-26T16:45:53,331+0000 [4088 1] com.newrelic INFO: Setting audit_mode to false
2021-07-26T16:45:53,861+0000 [4088 1] com.newrelic.agent.config.ConfigServiceImpl INFO: Configuration file is C:\XXXXXXXXX\newrelic.\newrelic.yml
2021-07-26T16:45:53,876+0000 [4088 1] com.newrelic INFO: New Relic Agent v7.1.0 has started
2021-07-26T16:45:53,876+0000 [4088 1] com.newrelic INFO: Agent class loader: com.newrelic.bootstrap.BootstrapAgent$JVMAgentClassLoader@17d10166
2021-07-26T16:45:53,876+0000 [4088 1] com.newrelic INFO: Premain startup complete in 7,911ms
2021-07-26T16:45:59,114+0000 [4088 1] com.newrelic INFO: Server Info: Apache Tomcat/8.5.13
2021-07-26T16:49:25,696+0000 [4088 31] com.newrelic INFO: Real user monitoring is enabled for application XXXXXXXXXXXX. Auto instrumentation is enabled.

I have verified for supportability but I am not 100% sure it is supported or not. Can anyone help me on this? Browser application link:


Thanks for any assistance!


Hey Marcelo,

Thanks so much for reaching out to New Relic Support! I’m more than happy to help you with your issue. Fortunately it looks like you’ve done a great job of getting your installation correct and your setup seems fine except for one minor aspect that I don’t have visibility into on your end and that’s whether or not you have Jasper Compiler enable for Tomcat. I’ll include those docs below but Jasper Compiler is one of the final requirements outside of the initial setup. I would confirm that Jasper is enabled for tomcat as this has been an issue in the past.

Ensure you are using the Apache Jasper compiler.

I hope this was helpful and if you have any other questions or comments in the mean time, please don’t hesitate to reach out.