[Java] Unable to start Java Profiler


While starting Thread Profile for Java application it started for the first time for couple of minutes. Since last 2 weeks, it refuses to start the profile again. It throws some error as per screenshot.

Anyone having faced similar issue, any possible solution?

Thanks in advance.

Hello Hiren,

Based on the screenshot, I was able to find the application. I noticed that the application is currently not reporting data. Collecting a thread profile requires that the application be running and sending data to New Relic. You will want to make sure data is consistently flowing before running the profiler again.

Hi Giselle,

Thanks for checking.

Yes, that’s what the problem is. Profiler stopped abruptly a long time back (with some error). And being a microservice deployed in Openshift, everytime we restart, it should appear as a new JVM which we should be able to profile (ideally). But the problem is, it is not allowing us to choose any other JVM from the dropdown, and it keeps showing this error whenever we choose Profiler (as was shared in screenshot).

Basically, it appears that the dashboard has got hung up with that 2 weeks old instance. For any new instance, we CAN see the JVM stats but CAN’T run a profiler (on any of the new JVMs).

Hello Hiren,

Sorry for any confusion. When I checked your application, it was not currently reporting. I could tell this because in the top left hand corner of APM, the grey Status button showed ‘No data currently reporting…’ when I hovered over it. Now the status has changed, which is great!

I am not seeing the Thread Profiler error on my end so the thread profiler should work now. The JVM’s changing names is something that happens to other customers too, but is usually not a problem so long as data is coming in. If data is coming in and you’re not able to run the Thread profiler, please include a permalink (top right hand button) of where you’re looking so we can check again.


Hi Giselle,

Thanks for quick response. Not sure how and why, but we are able to start profiler now!! Hung old instance got disappeared.

Hope it stays that way. Thanks a ton for quick support.


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@hiren.patel Glad to hear you got this all sorted! :slightly_smiling_face: Let us know if you need anything else!