[Java] Web Transaction Name is coming as Http Status Error Code

In my project we are using Spark Java based micro-services. Now in new Relic Web transaction names are coming like this :

The problem is that I have the mapping “/v1/customers” and the transaction-name gets reported as “/v1/customers” every time when response is OK, but when an errors occurs, the transaction-name gets reported as “/500/”. I don’t want this transaction-name (/500/) should come.

We are using default newrelic.yml file and by default enable_auto_transaction_naming value = true.

@sumit.kandoi It looks like you are working with one of our support engineers on this issue via a ticket. It is best that they continue to work with you in that space. Once resolved, please do come back to the community and share what the solution was. :slight_smile:

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We have exactly the same problem, where error responses are mapped to /error using Java agent with auto transaction naming enabled.
This is something we don’t expect, nor want, did you find any solution to this?


Did you try to disable transaction auto naming?
Can you please try disabling this option and let us know will that work for you?

KR, Marin

But I don’t want to disable transaction autonaming.
We take profit from that feature, the problem is that we don’t want failing transactions to be renamed.