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JBuilder "Application Code" - how to find out what this is



I’m looking at rails transaction traces and seeing some substantial time spent in “Application Code” for rails views/JBuilders. One of those JBuilders with substantial “Application Code” time looks like this:

json.endpoint_data do
  @global_setting_1 = true
  json.partial! 'controller/endpoint_detail', detail_parameter: true

The transaction trace says that it spent more than 1 second in the JBuilder’s “Application Code.” That doesn’t seem right.

Is there any way to figure out what this “Application Code” in the above JBuilder is? I’m familiar with add_method_tracer/trace_execution_scoped but don’t know where to put those methods to solve this issue.


Hi, @max.short: Have you tried using the thread profiler?


Thanks @philweber. I was not aware of the thread profiler.