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Jenkins deployments into insights


We already have jenkins deployments shown in APM. Although I do not know how this was configured.
What I want is to see these deployments in insights. The data is not currently passed to insights.
Please can you advise how this can be done.
I’ve tried using the API and I can GET a list of deployments but can’t POST this back into insights.


@Mike.Lewis - Have you tried the Event API to send data to Insights? Note that it will not be possible to have a line cross through your chart in Insights similar to APM Deployment Markers.


Thanks for the response, I have considered this.

However, as APM gets its jenkins deployment information from the NR agent the only way that I would seem to be able to send this data to insights would be to use the NR Event API to GET the deployments and then POST them back into Insights, as you suggested (as I cannot find a Jenkins API to that will do it either). That seems like an inelegant way of doing it and as you say it separates the APM deployment markers from the events in an Insights table. I think this would probably reduce the usefulness of the data to a level beneath that which we already have from our log aggregation provider in regard to deployments.

It would be nice to have deployment data passed to Insights which would enable metrics and deployment dashboards to be created across our whole environment, rather than on a per app basis which is the limitation of APM data.


Thanks for sharing some additional context. I’d recommend voting, and sharing your use case over on the feature idea that already exists in the community: