JMeter Integration


Do we have any plug-ins to integrate New Relic APM and JMeter?


Blazemeter is a commercial vendor of load testing services, based on Jmeter - and they offer a rich integration with New Relic .

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Is there any other way to integrate JMeter without Blazemeter? If yes please include steps or any documentation or video.

Wow, this is a very old thread! Can you be more specific about how you want to integrate JMeter with New Relic?

I need to monitor application Response Time, Throughput, CPU, Memory, Error Rates etc., using New Relic APM. How do I integrate with jmeter?

I was planning to use JMeter with influxDB + Grafana but our company propose to use New Relic. So, I need steps to do this.

Again, I don’t understand how you want to integrate New Relic with JMeter. New Relic APM can monitor response time, throughput, and error rate. JMeter can generate traffic to the application, and you can view the metrics in the New Relic UI.

Thanks Philweber for quick response.

If I user influxDB - I will add backendlistner and configure to store metrics in influx and in the same way I will setup influx details in grafana to pull metrics to see in dashboard.

In the sameway how to achieve this through New Relic UI?

Do I need install NR APM in server and NR UI will receive metrics from NR APM?

Correct. You may install an APM language agent in your application. It will automatically instrument the application’s code and send metrics to New Relic in the cloud, which you may view in the New Relic UI.

Thanks a lot Philweber.

Could you please check below steps and clarify my doubts.

  1. Install NR APM agent in application server - which collects application metrics and server
    metrics right and send it to NR cloud?
  2. How do we configure this to NR cloud to store metrics? Using license key?
  3. I saw in one of your message regarding Blazemeter. How does it helps in this? Do we need to
    have any blazemeter cloud subscription?
  4. NR APM works for distributed testing (JMeter Master / Slave) also right?
  5. Do you any demo video or any document / links which explains above steps?

Thanks again for your help.

  1. Correct
  2. Yes, you provide a license key and application name in the New Relic agent configuration file
  3. I did not suggest BlazeMeter, that was someone else. You do not need to have BlazeMeter in order to send data to New Relic
  4. New Relic APM does not care where the traffic to your application comes from
  5. In which programming language(s) is your application written?

Application developed in Java Language.

Here are the instructions for installing the Java agent:

Thanks very much Philweber. Its was really helpful.