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Join our User Advisory Panel and get a t-shirt!



New Relic’s product research team invites you to participate in research that helps our product and design teams better understand our users.

Whether you’re a manager or an engineer, an expert or a novice, Join our new User Advisory Panel to get involved with our product and design teams.

If you join before September 30, we will send you a newly designed t-shirt!

Involvement & Commitment: From a little to a lot, whatever you would like! We will offer up small asks like surveys, and bigger asks like visiting you in person to better understand how our users work.

Participating in this exclusive research panel will not result in sales contact and you can opt-out at any time.

Any questions? Contact our product research team at


You said the magic word! I’m not going to tell you which word, but one of them is magical.

OK, fine. It’s “t-shirt.”

Seriously though, I’m pretty pumped about this initiative.