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Join the APM Errors Beta of real-time analytics!


We are taking the wraps off our new advanced analytics capabilities, with an invite-only Beta program for APM Errors.

What’s the new APM Errors all about?

  • Report every error produced by your applications in granular detail
  • Filter and group those errors by any attribute
  • Analyze all error details going back 8 days
  • See detailed trace data for a large sample of those errors

Why join?

  • Get an extremely powerful tool for analyzing errors so you can eliminate them
  • Contribute your voice in how we improve this capability to work best for you

What do you need to get this early access?

  • Identify the Java or Ruby application you’d like to be error free :slight_smile:
  • Ensure you’ve installed the most recent version of the Java. Ruby, or PHP agent on all instances of the chosen applications
  • Designate a user who will participate in a one-hour user experience interview via video conference
  • Agree to the terms of service for Beta participation

Let me know you are interested by adding a comment below, and we’ll send an invitation to you!

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PHP Agent Release Notes
Node Agent 1.24.0 Release Notes
unlisted #2


I’m interested in joining the beta!


I am interested too ! (with multiple accounts, dont know if you need a list of them :smile:)


I would like to be part of the APM Errors Beta.


If and when the time comes for you to bring a beta of error analytics to those of us running .NET agents, we would love to be involved.



(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)


i am also interested :slight_smile:


I’m interested in APM Errors Beta.


I’m also interested on that.


We’re interested in that too.


I am interested in APM Error Beta


I’d also like to join the beta


I am interested please…


I’m interested in joining the beta


I’m interested in joining the beta as well.


I’m interested in the APM error beta.


I’m interested in the APM Errors beta.


I am interested in joining the beta


I’m interested in APM Errors Beta.