🚀 Join us LIVE at noon PT on this Thursday’s Nerdlog (3/18): Guided install, open source docs, and New Relic Lookout!

Last week’s episode covered reducing your MTTR with free Automatic Proactive Anomaly Detection, finding problems fast with root cause analysis, and increasing context for issues using topology correlation. Missed it? :grimacing: No worries!

Check out What’s New in New Relic One tomorrow for a recap—and to learn more about all the latest product releases.

Join us for LIVE THIS THURSDAY 3/18 at 12 p.m. PT (8 p.m. UTC) on Twitch to talk about:

  • Simplifying your instrumentation with Guided Install
  • Getting real-time visibility into your stack with New Relic Lookout
  • Open sourcing our docs

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