Joining Page View and Page Action Data

Hi all

Is there a way to query page view attributes like duration against page action events?

For example if I have a page action called “foo” and facet “bar” with multiple entries against that facet accumulating count and I want to know average(duration) on the PageView for each facet entry.

Context is an A/B test where we used the page action to capture the control and variant. Now I’m trying to query avg page load time for each variant.


Hi, @wharrell: PageAction has a timeSinceLoad attribute that returns “the time (in seconds) elapsed from when the page was requested to when the PageAction was created”. If that works for you, it would be the simplest.

If not, you might try this:

SELECT average(duration) FROM PageView, PageAction WHERE actionName = 'foo' FACET session

@philweber I’ll need the full load time.

I think it might have been better to set a custom attribute instead of a page action since they are queryable on the page view event…

Hi there @wharrell -

I just wanted to follow up and see if setting a customer attribute worked for you.