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Joining two tables with the same column


Hi Guys, Is there a way to join two tables, I need to exclude a same column name with the same value from one table to another.
Select * from Table1, Table2 where Table1.column1 = table2.column1



Hi, @Daniel.Pel: There are not really “tables” in Insights. Rather, there are event types; the data looks something like this:

| timestamp  | eventType   | attributeName | attributeValue                               |
| 1563509304 | Transaction | name          | WebTransaction/SpringController/owners (GET) |
| 1563509304 | Transaction | appName       | New Relic Pet Clinic                         |
| 1563509304 | Transaction | duration      | 0.01                                         |
| 1563509310 | PageView    | appName       | New Relic Pet Clinic                         |
| 1563509310 | PageView    | pageUrl       | |
| 1563509310 | PageView    | duration      | 0.63                                         |

Because there are no tables, NRQL does not support JOINs. If you have two event types with the same attribute name, you can combine them (like a UNION):

SELECT average(duration) 
FROM PageView, Transaction 
WHERE appName = 'ecomm' 
FACET eventType()


Hi @philweber
I see, thanks for the clarification regarding event types.
As for this one, I need to exclude the events that encountered an error.
Select * from Transaction, TransactionError where Transaction.column1 != TransactionError.column1
I’ve been trying to do something like this but it won’t work.
Am I missing something?


Which language agent are you using? You may be able to just do this:

FROM Transaction
WHERE error IS false


I see, I tried using error IS false and it works but I’m confused,
does error IS false is the opposite of error IS true.
I tried to run SELECT * FROM Transaction WHERE error IS false
and it didn’t return any rows, while SELECT * FROM Transaction WHERE error IS true returned rows.
I checked the value of the column error and I saw that it has no value


Assuming you are referring to your Data Exchange application, it looks like only the flask_app:error_handler transaction sets the error attribute to true; the other transactions leave it undefined. You may use the following query to filter out these error transactions:

FROM Transaction
WHERE name NOT LIKE '%flask_app:error_handler'


Hi @philweber,
After trying, still it won’t work.
I’ll check our data and we’ll get back to you


Thanks @Daniel.Pel - let us know what you find when you check out the data.


Please try SELECT * FROM Transaction WHERE error IS NULL


Hey @Daniel.Pel - do you have any update? Did Allan’s query help out with your needs?