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Jooq transactions don't get database traffic tracked



###Java Agent Question Template

We are using jooq. We were previously saving a bunch of records just in normal statements running execute etc - things worked fine… until we switched things to use transactions:

using jooq’s normal transaction wrapper:

        dslContext.transaction(configuration -> {
        DSLContext ctx = DSL.using(configuration);
        // queries is a collection of jooq queries to run in a batch            
  • Describe what you are seeing:
    An empty screen under the “databases” tab

  • How does what you are seeing differ from what you expect to see?
    I expected to see the database execution times


Hi Ryan,

jOOQ leverages a lot of code building (SQL generation) that we do not currently instrument out-of-the-box. This is a great idea for a feature - and one that I will pass on to our developers.

I also recommend that you start a thread in our Alerts Feature Ideas section ( ). That way, other community members can chime in with their use cases and even vote on this, which will increase visibility with the product development team :slight_smile: