Js-agent.newrelic.com is not being called

We implement New Relic Browser in our portal by manually insert the snippet code, and it works fine in all environments.
Our QA team performance test run and found out in QA environment, only “bam.nr-data.net” is being called in dashboard page, but both “bam.nr-data.net” and “js-agent.newrelic.com” are being called in other pages in our portal in QA.

Two Questions would need help to clarify:

  1. If the “bam.nr-data.net” call exists, then does the absence of “js-agent.newrelic.com” have any significance of NewRelic data being delivered to the the NewRelic backend?

  2. Does the absence of both “bam.nr-data.net” and “js-agent.newrelic.com” constitute a concrete indication for an issue with NewRelic loading?

Hi @juiyin.tsao! I am no Browser expert, but your questions reminded me of this existing post:

Give it a read and let us know if that gets you closer or answers some of your questions! In the meantime, I will make sure a Browser expert does check out your questions. :blush:

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