JS Browser agent (random redirects & lack of stats)

  1. Since we have NewRelic browser agent activated, we experience random redirects in the application.

Redirects happen in a way that the port gets changed to something like 51453, 50046, …

  1. The browser section in the NewRelic dashboard clearly display only like 1% of activity. The agent doesn’t seem to report the data or it’s not displayed in the dashboard.

Before spending any time on reporting about what technologies we use, what agent versions we have and etc. for you to figure out where the bugs are, please, clarify in what readiness state the browser agent is at the moment.

If it is unstable and unreliable work in progress like most of the Browser section in the Dashboard, then you should definitely highlight that with a big red warning so that people don’t use it and don’t break their web-apps!

Looking forward to a prompt reply!



@a.bruch Hello Janis & thanks for the questions. Each browser agent released is a stable version and I’m sorry to hear that you’re having issues in the Browser section of the dashboard UI. If you’re having UI issues, would you be able to clarify what is happening?

To address your questions, I’m not aware of any other reported redirects as a result of installing the browser agent. To best assist with this, I’m going to need more information to investigate. Is your application public facing? If yes, can you please provide the page URL? I would like to take a look at the installation.

Can you provide links, screen shots or a video capture to demonstrate the redirect behavior?

Regarding your second question, can you please provide a link to the application in your account? I’d like to see what activity is missing.

If the agent isn’t reporting some or all data, this likely could be linked to install issues. I’m including some helpful information below that I hope also points you in the right direction.

Browser Troubleshooting Framework Install

I look forward to hearing back from you!