JS Errors are missing stack traces for React SPA

I have been trying to test new relic integration on my React SPA. I am particularly interested in being able to monitor JS errors. I have tried to throw custom errors from my application and I am able to see the error names in the UI, however their stack traces are missing and I get the following message:

No stack trace available

We were unable to load a stack trace for the error you requested.

I have already scanned through all of the troubleshooting tips mentioned in https://docs.newrelic.com/docs/browser/new-relic-browser/browser-pro-features/javascript-errors-page-detect-analyze-errors
and tried all of possible workarounds with no success. Particularly I ensured that any error boundaries were removed, Also tried the noticeError API as well as the its try-catch version.

I’ve also looked at similar existing questions, but did not find a relevant answer:

Permalink to new relic page: https://one.nr/0MRNOnlj

Method: copy/paste
Version: SPA

I’ve also verified that the same issue happens for both Chrome and Edge.

At this point, I have exhausted my options and looking for some help.


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@kushagra.sharma I’m having the same issue. Following this thread

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@kushagra.sharma I notice that you have opened a ticket for this issue. Once resolved in that channel please come back and update this thread since there are other community members that are interested in the solution. Thanks :slight_smile: