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JS Errors not working in Trial


Good afternoon, I registered a new account and received a pro trial browser, then I added a javascript code to the spa application.
The problem is that when I try to go to the JS Errors section, I get a message that I need to activate the trial, I click on it and I get a 500 error, please tell me how to fix this problem?


Hey @lukerockhold - There’s a known problem with Browser Pro Trials - where self-serve trials sometimes don’t work.

I just manually added a 2 week Browser trial to your account for you. So you should be all set.


Thank you, it helped, now a new problem has arisen, a little off topic, but still, when I try to send the source map, it returns an error:

Application 15490977 does not exists in account 2472143

Although this application is in this account, what should I do?
using @ newrelic / publish-sourcemap


Hey @lukerockhold - I don’t see any data at all in the application:

That error could be coming up because there are no JS Errors in that application - Source maps are there to unminify JS Error Stack Traces, and without any stack traces - there’s nowhere for the source map API to push that map to.

When trying to send the source map returns an error: