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JSON structure changes



I was working through the JSON portion of the New Relic Alert email (which we consume for a third-party tool). While I was scripting the processing of the JSON I noticed that it’s structure had changed on Sept. 5 of this year.

I have spent some time wandering around the documentation on your site and can not find a dev calendar, change documents, or something similar. I am new to New Relic in general so maybe I am just missing it.

My question is: Does New Relic control the structure of the JSON or does it just come across like a hash would, in whatever order?

I have only seen two variation on the structure so I am assuming at this point that New Relic controls this but I would like validation of that so that my automation does not break on changes to the structure in the future. I can create this to handle that but it would take more coding on my part and could introduce other problems during development.

Thanks for any thoughts or information on this.


@wren - I believe the JSON just gets serialized so I’d be a bit cautious about relying on strict ordering of the JSON. I’d highly recommend you look instead at using the webhook notification method as it allows you to strictly control the output and JSON format in an expected format if you are doing any parsing via an automated tool.


Thanks for the Reply Shane

I am still curious if a change was made to JSON handling in September, too. Is there a place to look at that? OR perhaps a feed or something with that information.


I went back and I’m not seeing any changes that I would have expected to change the ordering or the format of the JSON attached to the email but it’s also not strictly controlled as an enforced ordering. Our backend and frontend services release pretty much continually so we don’t generally publish release notes or or anything unless there is a planned significant change (such as a new API or significant change being made to a UI). Those are generally advertised either here in our community forum or via in application banners depending on the type of change being released.


Ok, Thanks for the information and I have adapted my code to deal with the JSON based on what you have said.


I’m glad to see Shane was able to help you here @wren - Let us know if there’s anything further we can help with.