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JVM Thread information required on dashboard


Hi team,

I was wondering if its possible to get graphs related to Threads to be shown on the Monitoring JVM tab?

Are there any extra charges for monitoring the same ?

Anuj Sharma


Hi, @anuj.sharma: The JVMs page should display thread pool data:

Do you not see that?


Hi Phil,

We don’t have Threads and HttpSessions tab on our dashboard.
Can you please help us find out the reason why its not present for our account ?

Anuj Sharma


Hi, @anuj.sharma: Please post a link to your account page so we can investigate. (Only New Relic personnel will be able to access the link.) Thank you!


Hi Phil,

I am adding the below link where thread graphs are not present

Anuj Sharma


Hi, @anuj.sharma: It appears that you have a subscription to our APM Essentials product. Detailed JVM metrics are only available at the Pro level.


Hi @philweber ,

Thanks for the prompt reply.
What needs to be be done to get Pro level subscription? Is extra cost to be paid in such cases ?

Anuj Sharma


Hey @anuj.sharma! There is a cost difference when upgrading subscriptions. I will go ahead and put you in contact with your Account Executive in order to discuss your options. Look out for my email! :e-mail: