K6 New Relic integration, getting status code error 403

Hello everyone,

I am new to new relic and I wanted to use k6 to send some data to new relic to visualize it (docs:https://k6.io/docs/results-visualization/new-relic/)

I am using this command line to initialize a connection:
docker run -d --restart unless-stopped --name newrelic-statsd -h $(hostname) -e NR_ACCOUNT_ID=3163757 -e NR_API_KEY="[Redacted by New Relic]" -p 8125:8125/udp newrelic/nri-statsd:latest
[Redacted by New Relic]

I am getting this error level=error msg=“Sending event to backend failed: received bad status code 403”
[Redacted by New Relic]

and when running K6 all requests are 403 and I can’t send anything to new relic

I know this error is because I am not authorized but I am using the correct ID and Key [Redacted by New Relic]

Any help would be appreciated, Thank you.