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K8s - add Node status metric



We need to create alert based on condition when k8s Node goes down. I could not find any metric that shows the status of the node from:

kube-state-metrics seems to expose this info though via kube_node_status_ready metric:

Is there a way to get this metric in NR?



Hi @Olsi.Birbo, to check if a node goes down, you could use the host not reporting alert:

Have you tried that?


The host not reporting alert is good when the node completely fails but their are scenarios such as PLEG checks failing or docker being frozen on the hosts (two that we see the most often) that the node will still be up and reporting but it will be showing as Status: NotReady. This information should be pulled in to NewRelic so it can be alerted on without the use of another tool.

This would be a huge feature request for us as it certainly causes us the most grief.


Thanks for the feedback @matt.burdan ; we are adding the kube_node_status_phase and kube_node_status_condition to the metrics we are reporting for Kubernetes.
There will be an alert for node is not ready.


Hi, when is this feature going to be released?


Hi @Olsi.Birbo1! We don’t have a public timeline to share here and now—please stay tuned and I will try to update this thread as those things get announced. Thanks for checking in!