Kafka monitoring integration not working as per documentation

We are using Amazon MSK with JMX enabled. Now I am trying to integrate kafka integration to monitor topics, consumers, publishers.

I want to use docker instance to do the installation
As per the documentation I am trying to use infrastructure agent image as base image and then trying to install nri-kafka inside the same container by following this one → [Kafka monitoring integration | New Relic Documentation]

(https://urldefense.com/v3/Kafka monitoring integration | New Relic Documentation;!!Edv2BrqY9prnXw!7UhzwGw_kaqwYnHwKRPj0RMGA5-mQzFaKC2HiTfccrINZX4XEdzdKDx52DTgvDFDKs-b2-0rdA$) which requires → https://docs.newrelic.com/docs/integrations/host-integrations/installation/install-infrastructure-host-integrations/

  1. From the command line, run:
sudo apt-get update
  1. Run the following command, where INTEGRATION_FILE_NAME (nri-kafka) represents the integration’s file name. For more information, see the integration’s documentation.
sudo apt-get install INTEGRATION_FILE_NAME (nri-kafka)

nri-kafka or any integration is not available as a package.
Unfortunately, I am not getting any way to install it. I am always in a loop of the following documentation
I have followed the official repo (https://github.com/newrelic/nri-kafka/blob/master/Dockerfile) as well where nri-kafka is being taken from source but not as a package which is described in the documentation.

Hey there @Sollymanul.islam,

Without error logs from the installation attempt, it’s hard to tell what the issue might be. Typically when the package can’t be found, it’s either because the host OS is unsupported, or because the New Relic repository hasn’t been added to your sources list. For information about compatibility, you can reference our documentation here: Requirements for the infrastructure agent | New Relic Documentation. For information about adding our GPG key and repository to your sources list, you can reference the installation steps here (specifically steps 3 and 4): Install the infrastructure monitoring agent for Linux | New Relic Documentation.

Once you’ve added our repository to your instance, I would try installing the package one more time with sudo apt-get install nri-kafka. If you notice that it’s still not installing, please reply with the output of the terminal.