Katalon script recorder: Provides option to export to Synthetics

Katalon script recorder exports to New Relic Synthetics

New Relic has integrated an export feature in the Katalon script recorder (Chrome and Firefox extensions). This allows you to use the Katalon script recorder to record a script on your website and simply select ‘export’ and ‘New Relic Synthetics’. This provides a format of your script in a version that can be copy/pasted into a Synthetics scripted monitor.

Setup steps

Add the Katalon recorder to your Chrome or Firefox browser, record your script by interacting with your website, and follow the steps below to copy/paste into a Synthetics scripted monitor.

  1. Once the recorder has been added to your browser, you are ready to begin recording your script (see Katalons website for more details).
  2. Once your script is ready, select ‘{}Export’ from the top bar in the Katalon script recorder. You’ll see your scripted converted, from the drop down select ‘New Relic Synthetics’.
  3. This converts your script into JavaScript, you can copy/paste your script into a Synthetics scripted monitor (steps to create a new scripted monitor).
  4. Validate and save your scripted monitor in Synthetics.

Scripted monitors updated in Synthetics will not be reflected in the Katalon recorder. The Katalon script recorder is the source and will need to be updated in parallel if updates are made to the JavaScript in Synthetics after being exported.

Technical support?
New Relic Tech support can provide support once a script has been copied into a scripted browser window, specifically relating to scripted monitors or other Synthetics functionality. Any issue relating to the script recording experience should be directed to Katalon for assistance (Katalon discussion).

Feature Request
Any feature requests for the Katalon script recorder will need to be submitted to Katalon. Post any conversion or scripted monitor issues that you are seeing to this topic as others have likely ran into the same issue.