Keep supporting Android 5.1 in an Agent version with the new certificate

Please update also agent version 5 with a new certificate to keep also the support for Android 5 (api level 22). (Or keep add the support back in agent 6+)

We have customers with a set mobile devices which still run Android 5.1 (API level 22) so we can’t update to agent version 6+ because that’s only compatible for Android 7+

How can we keep monitor these devices with New Relic?

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I’m currently discussing this with our team as we’ve had other customers with similar concerns. For now, we recommend continued use of previous Android agent versions before 6.0.0 to continue monitoring APIs < 24.

I’ll update this thread when I’ve received more information from our team.


I would just like to voice support for New Relic v6.x to support Android 5. Google still recommends Android 5 for 95% compatibility so it follows that New Relic should match that expectation

Beyond just OS market share & support, the New Relic Android Agent v6 brought support for one of the most anticipated features: excluding variants from instrumentation. This feature was requested 5 years ago and I’m very excited it was finally released. However, you’ve now coupled that feature to requiring apps to increase their minSdk to Android 7. At the very least, would it be possible to backport that feature to New Relic v5.x?


Hi @jon.amireh thank you for the feedback! It might be best to wait for an update from @dmurray to see what the next steps are.

@dmurray any news about this subject?

Our engineering team has opened a ticket to look at reverting back to 21. I don’t have additional information on their plan just yet, but I will update this thread once I have more details.

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