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Key Transaction Alert Conditions Quiz problem


Ok, I’m going through the NR Quizes for APM here

The question specifically in this screenshot

Anyone care to help me on where to click because I’m completely stumped, and before any one suggests on the “Alert Condition” in the menu, the quiz says that’s incorrect.:rage:


Hi, @David.Bell: Yes, I am with you; I cannot figure out what the correct answer is. I have contacted the online content team and will let you know when I have more info. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!


Hi @David.Bell, thanks for bringing this to our attention. It seems there’s a bug in this question–we’re going to remove it. Feel free to take the rest of the quizzes and ignore this one.

Can you let me know where you found the link to that quiz? It looks like you’re taking an old version we aren’t maintaining anymore, and are in the process of deleting. The current quizzes can be found in the APM course at


Thanks @philweber to confirming I wasn’t going completely mad.

@ecain the link to the course is on the page here

that was the one and only question I couldn’t complete in the whole course :frowning_face:


Thanks David. I’ll take that link down. Here is the new version of that quiz: